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I have spent 15+ years in Corporate America leading and organizing teams to achieve their financial aspirations, goals, and targets!  God has given me this expert ability to help others achieve their financial dreams through financial organization, planning, and coaching.


Business Owner




Financial Planner

Navigating the Financial Maze with Expertise

I’m your Financial Guide. With 15 years under my belt, I’m not just an experienced bookkeeper; I’ve mastered my craft. Unlock the power of precision with me.

Bring clarity to the chaos. Invest in a bookkeeper who is more than just a numbers person Let your business thrive on the strong foundation of immaculate bookkeeping.

QuickBooks Certified:

Have you ever felt lost in the labyrinth of accounting software? I’m a maestro with QuickBooks. Say goodbye to accounting errors and software snags.

Track Cost Targets:

Ever wondered where all your money goes? With a proven track record of hitting those elusive cost targets, I will help you account for every cent, helping you maximize profits and keep unnecessary expenses at bay.

Deep Dive Into P & L Reports:

Let me help you unravel the story behind your profits and losses. With keen eyes that have scrutinized countless P&L reports, I offer not just numbers, but a narrative that will drive future strategies.

Financial Statement Analyst:

Knowledge truly is power, especially when it comes to your business’s financial health. I meticulously analyze every balance sheet and income statement, ensuring you have the full picture.


I offer various levels of service to meet any of your business bookkeeping needs. Please contact RBS today for your custom quote:

Advisory - Starts at $300 Per Month

Some prefer to be more hands with their books, and you will want to do it yourself. I get it completely, let RBS be your safety net. This package starts with a ‘One Time QuickBooks Setup & Training’ session followed by monthly meetings to keep you compliant and accountable. This will include:

  • Monthly Reconciliations,
  • Monthly Reports, access to email/phone support within 48-72 hours of request,
  • and Interaction with CPA for year-end review.

Traditional - Starts at $450

This package is for when you’ve hit the point where you no longer want to do the book work yourself. RBS will keep your QuickBooks up to date each month based on transactions coming in from your bank account and credit card along with a bit of help from you.This package will include everything in the advisory tier as well as:

  • Monthly Categorize (allocate/classify) all transactions via bank feeds for 1 Checking & 1 Savings Account along with 1 Credit Card,
  • Monthly Reconciliations, Monthly Call, Monthly Reports,
  • Matching of receipts uploaded to QuickBooks Online via receipt feature,
  • access to email/phone support within 24-48 hours of request.

Comprehensive - Starts at $750

This package is customizable to cover the size and scope of your business. You may need payroll assistance, bill pay or account receivable tracking, 1099 tracking, or an e-commerce site connected to QuickBooks. RBS can help! This package will include everything in the traditional tier as well as:

  • Bi-weekly categorizing (allocation/classification) of transactions via bank feeds,
  • Payroll Assistance,
  • Bill Pay and Account Receivable tracking,
  • maintaining Vendor W-9s for year-end distribution of 1099s,
  • e-commerce assistance,
  • Interaction with CPA,
  • Year End Review,
  • Budget Assistance,
  • and access to email/phone support within 24 hours of request.

Set Up & Training - Starts at $500

This interactive service will be a deep dive into the QuickBooks Online landscape to better prepare you for understanding your business finances. This will include:

  • Creating a Company File,
  • Setting up Product’s and Services,
  • Setting up Bank and Credit Card Feeds,
  • Establishing Chart of Accounts,
  • and performing a set of training transactions.

Typically this will be approximately 3 hours in length


RBS gets it… life & running your business can get in the way and your books can fall behind. RBS offers this one time service to help you catch up. You might need this in order to file your taxes or apply for a line of credit, or you may just want to see how you actually did this year or last.

Typically included would be:

  • Clearing out transactions downloaded from your bank/credit card that have not yet been categorized, Connecting your bank to download missing transactions,
  • Journal Entries needed to adjust loan balances and account for any interest accrued,
  • Earmark all vendors in need of a 1099 for year end,
  • Reconciling each month to ensure all transactions have been accounted for, and Removing incorrect data.

The cost of this service will depend on the amount of time your books are behind and the volume of work. This will require a review of your QuickBooks Online company. Whatever the reason that led you here, we do not judge, give us a call and we’ll help you get your books sorted out.


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